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OPEN , Pull and powered trolleys (fitted with winter wheels) allowed.

Buggies with exemption certificates permitted but restricted from holes 7 to 12.

Course information line 01977 781949




Dress Rules

Although a traditionalist Club, modern day views for general dress sense have been taken into account when setting these particular rules. This is to ensure that a certain level of standard is maintained without being too over bearing.

In general, when on the Course, appropriate Ladies and Gentlemen’s recognised golfing attire MUST be worn.

In the Clubhouse or on the Course

  • Denim and track suits are not allowed.
  • Collarless shirts must have sleeves: sleeveless shirts must have a collar. T-shirts, vests football, rugby or similar type of shirts and those displaying loud logos, slogans or advertising are not permitted.
  • Shirts must be worn inside trousers, except in the Clubhouse if the shirt is designed to be worn outside trousers.
  • Shorts must be tailored (zipped/buttoned). Beach, other sports and leisure shorts are not permitted.
  • Socks must be predominately white unless worn as part of a fully co-ordinated golfing outfit.

On the Course (including the practice area)

  • Golf shoes must be worn

In the Clubhouse

  • Golf or sport shoes must not be worn in the Clubhouse except in the locker room.

After 7 p.m.

Gentlemen may wear jacket, collar and tie in the lounge and dining room or smart casual dress may be worn by either sex who have changed from playing attire.

Shirts must be worn inside trousers. However, shirts with both collar and sleeve that are buttoned from collar to waist and designed for wearing outside trousers are permitted. (This does not include T-shirts, polo shirts, football or rugby shirts or similar).


Dress rules in relation to the Clubhouse do not apply to children aged 12 years and under.


  • Three quarter length trousers
  • Trainer socks that cover the ankle
  • Mock shirts