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Parting Shot Ilkley Golf Club – Thursday 8th October

The eighth occasion of the ‘Parting Shot’ trophy was held at Ilkley Golf Club on Thursday in fine autumnal conditions. The 6 matches, representing the Captain and President were closely fought games with a 3-3 score in the match play.  However to determine a winner the matches are played 3 points for a win and 1 point for a half over the full 18 holes. When all the points were added together Mr Captains’ team representatives just had the edge this year. The running score is now 4-4. Thanks to everyone who participated, the baton is now passed to Dr Martin Johnson, our Club Captain in 2016 to defend the trophy, whilst Madam President Kath will be doing her best to end her term of office with a win.

Mr Captain and Madam President Parting Shot Trophy 2015