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Message from The President

Quiz Night

Due to a change in personal circumstances and after almost 13 years, John Portman will be staging his final quiz night on Tuesday 17th December, starting earlier at 1930hrs.

Over this period John has done an excellent job in keeping his audience entertained with some very good general knowledge questions and the ever popular ‘play your cards right’, no easy task, even with the advances of the Internet.

I’m sure many members have had their general knowledge improved, and no doubt had their team handicaps amended to make it fair on everyone.

It is also important to recognise the added value the Quiz  has given to the income of the Club over these years, with an average bar take of around £200 less costs, something we shall have to take into account in future budgets should we be unable to find another quiz-master.

On this note, the Club are hopeful of continuing the Quiz with the support of existing members, which may involve a change to the starting time and day; research with existing attendees is taking place to gather their thoughts.

If anyone out there has any experience in running these types of events, please contact the Manager or the Social Committee.

So once again a big thank you to John for giving up his time so generously to the Club, and we wish him well in the future.

Maurice Ludwell