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LDUGC Fixtures 2017 Season

The 2017 LDUGC fixtures have been published.  Despite the fact that we would have 2 teams promoted and 2 teams relegated in the Scratch leagues before the 2016 season started the withdrawal of Roundhay Park from Division 4 left us with only 5 teams in Division 4. To maintain 6 teams in each League we could not promote 2 teams from Divisions 2,3 and 4 so only the League winners were promoted this year in accordance with Monday Night Scratch League Rules – Rule 2. — At the end of the season promotion and relegation will be two teams from each Division when possible. The same rule has been applied to maintain 3 Junior Leagues with 6 teams participating each week. We appreciate that those teams who finished second in the Scratch and Junior Leagues will be disappointed not to have been promoted but we try to maintain equal numbers in each League at the start of each season to encourage healthy competition. John Grimbleby. Honorary Secretary. Leeds & District Union of Golf Clubs

LDUGC Fixtures-2017