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The course is OPEN, Carrying Only with some Temporary Greens.

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Course News

An update to what’s happening out on the course.

  • A permanent winter tee is being constructed on the 18th Hole (LHS).
  • The irrigation work is now completed, some teething problems are being dealt with by the contractors, but overall the course manager is delighted with the new system. Let’s hope we experience a good summer to reap the full benefit!
  • Work to remove tree branches around the 5th tee is awaited before the donated viewing platform can be sighted on this hole. The platform on the 10th hole will be in place in the near future. Thanks again to the Rabbits section for the generous donation and your patience whilst the work is completed.
  • The new practise chipping green is now starting to take shape and will provide a first class practice area. Aesthetics will improve as the season progresses.
  • The area surrounding the 9th tee is now being worked on to improve the aesthetics
  • The old 4th green has now been seeded on the 1st hole.
  • The buggy path has been completed on the 1st hole.
  • Work will continue to tidy up and remove shrubbery on the 1st hole (LHS) to help define the out of bounds.
  • The course has been sprayed to control weeds on the fairways.
  • Plans are in place to tidy the paths around the course.
  • The donated litter bins by the Seniors section have been repaired and resighted.
  • The benches are being repaired and renovated/varnished around the course.
  • Hopefully in the near future when we get some sunshine and warmer temperatures we will see a general improvement in the condition of the fairways. The areas currently marked GUR will be worked on during the growing season.
  • Finally please replace divots and repair pitchmarks and challenge any of your playing partners who do not do this.