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Course Matters Update

The Course Manager has provided the following answers to some recent questions asked by Members:-

Hollow Tining

Q) Why can’t the top dressing material fill all the holes at once and the greens swept or brushed?

The intention is not to fill the holes completely with ‘top dressing’, to do so would require a significant amount of material. Hollow coring is the most effective way to reduce the build-up of thatch and to allow airflow to the rootzone, this will aid the decomposition of the remaining thatch through increased bacterial levels. Regularly top dressing turf, vulnerable to thatch accumulation (golf greens) will incorporate airspace within the thatch layer, again helping decomposition. The greens are swept using a ‘drag- mat’ attachment, this will ensure the top dressing material is evenly distributed across the green and reduce uneven patches.

Irrigation Update

Q) Will we be renovating areas damaged by the irrigation contractors, such as deep tractor marks and top dressing, reseeding these areas?

The new irrigation system is nearing completion, Members are assured the contractors will repair any damaged areas on the course before they leave.

Top Dressing Tees

Q) Why don’t we verti-drain and top dress the tees at the end of the season?

It would be an advantage to verti drain and top dress the tees, but not a necessity, the tees are divot filled on a regular basis to minimise the unevenness. After time, all the tees will have to be re-levelled, as the 12th white tee was this winter.