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Course Information Update – Water Issues

Whilst members may recall previous notices regarding water issues at the top end of the course, this update is to keep members au fair of latest developments. Along with our own on course remedial works to rectify the problem, the Directors wish members to know that the Club has and will continue to pursue the issue with Organisations who they believe are partly responsible. As you may be aware the Club has registered compensation claims against both Yorkshire Water and Wakefield District Council for water damage to the course. You will appreciate such a course of action is an extremely unpredictable and lengthy process with the outcome uncertain. However following months of correspondence and telephone conversations the Club has now had a preliminary meeting with Yorkshire Water’s Loss Adjuster, and it is anticipated that a similar meeting will be forthcoming with the Councils Representative. The Directors have also taken cognisance of the views of several senior members who believe that the slope on the 7th hole, which runs away from the park, now appears to be at a far greater angle than it was many years ago. In order to determine the viability or otherwise of this belief the Club has submitted a search request to the Coal Board to determine if the course has suffered from any subsidence over the years (as this would/may have affected drainage). Members will be kept updated of all developments in due course.