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Cats vs Kittens Trophy

Friday evening saw the first leg of the new ‘Cats v Kittens trophy, with the juniors taking on the tigers.

In the first match, juniors Matthew Beedle and Dom Richardson were not very confident playing Mr. Captain Wiltshire and Tigers organiser Cusworth but in an epic match the juniors triumphed on the last!

Next out was the Hough brothers playing Mick Harris and tigers captain Glenn Fry; young George struggled a little on debut, but gained valuable experience. Brother Tom played very well but the two experienced campaigners triumphed on the last hole raking in a long putt.

For the juniors, a very youthful looking junior organiser stepped in to partner Will Wright in the next match after a late withdrawal. Tiger’s pair, Highley and Shaw never recovered from laughing at the junior organiser playing his second on the first from behind the starters hut! The ‘junior’ pair won with Wills excellent game and the junior organisers inflated handicap (that was the reason given by a very bitter Frank).

Finally we had a dads and lads four ball with Ludwell and Williscroft seniors taking on their more talented offspring. The juniors were ahead right up to the last when Mr. President had a very makeable putt to salvage a half. The distance of the putt varied from one foot to five foot depending on who you listened to. Unfortunately the pressure was too much and the juniors take a three one lead into the second leg later in the season.

It was a very enjoyable evening with a few drinks and sandwiches afterwards.

Stephen Hough, Junior organiser