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Captain’s Inauguration – Tony Cook

Past Captains’, members and guests were welcomed by our outgoing President, Kath Hetherington, to the inauguration ceremony of our incoming Club Captain, Tony (AJ) Cook on Saturday. Our outgoing Captain, Dr Martin Johnson summarised his year in office, and the many highlights, before presenting the chain of office to Tony and wishing him a memorable year in 2017.

Tony thanked the members and guests present and said he was looking forward with much enthusiasm to his year in office. Tony wanted to stress that whilst the Prince of Wales Hospice would be the chosen charity, he also wanted to ensure that other funds raised would be for the benefit of the Club. He wanted to help and support the incoming Board of Directors with funds to enable investment into the Course, making PDGC members proud to be associated with it.

By the warm applause offered these thoughts gained overwhelming support.

George Hough, our 2017 Junior Captain, had been introduced to the members and guests prior to the inauguration, having to leave early for a night with his pals in Wakefield!

Kath Johnson, deputising for our outgoing Ladies Captain, then welcomed our 2017 Ladies Captain, Jill Rowett, who also looked forward to helping unite the Ladies section in support of the above.

Other introductions were:

Stuart Charlesworth – 2017 Vice-Captain

Liz Newbould – 2017 Ladies Vice-Captain.

Tigers Captain 2017 – Chris Langley.

Senior Captain 2017 -Roger Blatherwick (gave apologies).

Rabbits Captain 2017 -John Atha

We wish Mr Captain and everyone a memorable golfing year ahead.